What Is Aquaponics?

what is aquaponics

What Is Aquaponics?

Why on a blog about losing weight am I including a section on aquaponics?

It comes down to eating healthy and learning how to do that. In most cases when it comes to diet we are not eating healthy. One day while doing research, I ran across aquaponics. I had never heard of it before and started to research what aquaponics was. I quickly discovered that it fit nicely into my thinking on diet and weight loss.

For many people growing a garden is out of the question. With a lack of time and in many cases space the traditional garden is not possible.

Well aquaponics changes that. You can grow more fresh food in less space. It takes thought to set it up, but once done it is very easy to maintain. You have the choice of growing both fresh fruits and vegtables and also fresh fish.

There are many sizes that you can have, everything from a counter top herb garden, to a commercial system. But for many of us, a nice sized system can sit in your living room, basement, or on a patio. They take up very little space, yet produce amazing amounts of  produce.

So back to what is aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a technique that combines aquaculture and hydroponics using only water to grow an assortment of vegetation and fish. Clean water must be used, or toxic buildup can occur affecting your entire garden. There are many things to learn about aquaponics, and some things you can only learn along the way.

The design of your aquaponic garden will be very important, and the temperature of your space will also be a factor that can affect your results. You want to choose a room with a temperature that does not get higher than 75 degrees, and not below 60 degrees. This will be the most conducive environment for the setup of your garden. You want to make sure that this garden is not exposed to harsh changes in the temperatures that can damage your fish and vegetation.

It is the practice to host both fish and vegetation in this garden. Fish waste is very helpful in fertilizing your plants, but you will still need to watch the level of toxicity in the water, and make adjustments when needed. You can grow many different types of vegetables in your aquaponic garden.

Water will naturally evaporate from your aquaponics garden. You will have to watch water levels and add water each week. This will help to keep the water balanced, and prevent toxicity. You can use a water pump that relies on solar power to make your garden very self sufficient. A great bonus that is attractive to many people is the fact that everything you grow in this aquaponic garden will not require any chemicals. This can make your garden completely organic, and this is an interest that many people have for their food sources.

You will use a single unit to be the most successful. You may have considered separate units, but in order for everything to work in harmony, you will want to use a system that is integrated. You can build your own system, or there are some great sources to find a kit that contains everything you need to get started.

What is aquaponics? This is a growing system that you will likely start hearing more about in the future. This can be a system that requires more thought to setup, but the payoffs are well worth the work. Once your system is up and going, it can be very easy to maintain.

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